7 Most Stylish Celebrities over the World

7 Miranda Kerr

Most celebrities have access to top stylists, high end designers and personal shoppers but when it comes to style, some celebs simply stand way above the rest. In this article, we look at the 7 most stylish celebrities all over the world, the cream de la creame of both the celebrity world and the fashion world or in simple terms, ... Read More »

Health and Fitness Would Never be Difficult During Traveling

Fitness and health would never be difficult during traveling

When traveling, it’s always wise to put into consideration various factors which will plays significant role in ensuring that your trip is successful. More precisely, apart from getting concerned with travel documents such as visas, passports as regulated and stipulated by united kingdom border agency [UKBA] and credit cards, your health comes at stake because you have to remain healthy ... Read More »

Fashion and Style

Fashion and Style

Fashion a popular activity used to prevailing styles in human behavior, Fashion and style are two different words, but with out style fashion is nothing, it enhances styles, beauty and personality of human, Fashion become more advanced and modern with the time and technology like people of past centuries used brands and designs of cotton and wool which now become ... Read More »

Firdous Summer Lawn Collection 2012

Firdous Collection 2012-2

Firdous summer lawn collection 2012 has stylish contribution in Fashion for 2012, with specialty and uniqueness in designing along fabric quality that can feel in dress with fresh up color harmony. Firdous summer lawn collection is considering comfortable stuff for summer due to use of 100% cotton yarn. In hot session of summer Firdous lawn collection is best for casual, ... Read More »



J. MENDEL -¬†MERCEDES-BENZ FASHION WEEK SPRING 2012 COLLECTIONS Here is beautiful Runway highlights from J. Mendel SPRING 2012 Collection at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York. The official Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Read More »

Weight Loss Diet

Weight Loss Diet

Exercise and pills are not only the solution of losing weight. You can also lose weight by creating a caloric deficit, meaning you eat more calories than you burn. You have to burn 3,500 calories on every single pound that you want to loose and if you calculate the decreasing amount of calories day after day, you will lose fat, ... Read More »

Eid Mubarak Cards 2011-2012

Eid Mubarak Cards 2011

Eid Mubarak Cards are best way to wish our beloved with some special wishes on very precious Islamic day of Eid. With the passage of time trends of wishes are changed but eid cards have their own importance and individualism. She trends provide you some amazing styles of eid card, free eid cards, eid ul fitr cards, eid greeting cards, ... Read More »

Kameez Shalwar Pakistani 2011-2012

kameez shalwar Pakistani

kameez shalwar has its own important especially among female dress in Pakistan, is very comfortable and respective dress can be ware in different occasions with latest and stylish way. kameez shalwar is traditional dress of Pakistan and used as casual salwar kameez suits, party kameez shalwar, pakistani bridal dresses, Pakistani clothes, Asian clothing. kameez shalwar for current year is popular ... Read More »

Pakistani Salwar Kameez for Eid 2011-2012

Eid dress-6

Eid colors become more attractive for Muslims, if they enjoy with full preparation of this holly festival. So by start holly Islamic month of Ramadan Pakistani Salwar Kameez,Pakistani clothes and Asian clothing including kameez shalwar, get attention of all Pakistani and Asian Muslims. Latest salwar kameez with stylish embroidery and fancy touch are ready for eid celebrations provide by fashion ... Read More »

Weight Loss Supplements

weight loss supplements

In this modern time period mostly people are trying to loss weight for making themselves smart, attractive and for getting self actualization. So for keep yourself fresh and active healthy and balanced diet is necessary key. Food supplement is best way to reduce food deficiency from body in natural way. ‚ÄúChose the right supplement for your body that burns your ... Read More »

Weight Loss Food

weight loss food

Food with less fates also help to weight loss in healthy and natural way help to enhance body performance. So by using fat burning foods can reduce extra calories in most effective way.Only dieting is not solution of loosing extra fats but with exercise and some healthy foods. Thermo-genesis is natural process of heat production and is one of biochemical ... Read More »